Arcade & Billiards

Product Description

We’ve all seen the scene in the old Wild West saloon, where the hero stands at the bar and the trusty barkeep slides his drink across the bar to him, with inch perfect precision. They make it look so very easy, but trust us, it isn’t. In fact it is so hard to get that slide just right, that we’ve made a game of it with our brilliant beer slide! Just put your pint on the end and try to slide it so that the marker stops in the red ‘win’ area. Not too hard, so it overshoots, not too soft so it doesn’t go far enough. Your beer slide has to be just right, just like a Wild West saloon-keeper. This is a great game for any college event, beer garden, wild west event, sports arcade, or carnival.  Game does not have to be played with an alcoholic beverage…kids love it just as much.   What you win, or what forfeit you have to perform if you fail, is up to you. The rules are straightforward, but the way you play can be as crazy as you want it to be. The beer slide game comes with a row of colored lights to illuminate the beer track, but it needs no power or plug, so you can set it up almost anywhere. This flexibility means it can be set up quickly on stage or on the dance floor for different rounds of the game, then taken down again just as quick.

Product Specifications

People Per Hour 45-60
Power Requirement N/A
Set-up Time 1 Hour
Space Required 6' 7" X 10 X 9