Branded Games

Product Description

Test your smarts against your competition with our newest trivia game. The atmosphere is such that you actually feel as though you are competing on a game show. This is a high impact game that will create a competitive frenzy at any event. One to four players can play simultaneously. 6 different categories - Sports, History, Curiosities, Film/TV, Music, Science/Arts. The game consists of 5 different questions with three possible answers. The winner is the player that answers the most questions correctly in the shortest time. This game is ideal for any tradeshow, college event, high school over night or promotion looking to add a very unique impact piece. We also have the ability to add in custom logos or commercials between rounds.

Product Specifications

People Per Hour 100+
Power Requirement (2) 20 Amp
Set-up Time 1.5 Hours
Space Required 15’ X 12’ X 10’