Carnival & Picnic Games

Product Description

Ride on walk along animals will bring your next event to life. Each animal accommodates up to 3 children or 2 adults. Each animal is accompanied by an appropriately costumed Safari Guide who safely holds and steers for the little one and teaches those older to steer themselves while the battery powered animals walk on any firm, level surface, inside or out, rain, shine or snow. Ideal for many themes they are great safe fun not only for the families often riding together but also for those watching. Animals include the lion, tiger, elephant, hippo, zebra, panda and more. Use as a photo op for added value. High throughput and a guaranteed crowd pleaser!

Product Specifications

People Per Hour 50+
Power Requirement (2) 20 Amp
Set-up Time 1 Hour
Space Required 30’ X 60’