Carnival & Picnic Games

Product Description

See what happens when a party host shows up with a collection of board games at your next event.  From the classics people grew up with to party games to strategy games to word games to two-player games to giant group games and even to award-winning new releases! Your guests can play whatever game they want and if they feel like trying something new, our host is an expert in all of them. We can make recommendations perfectly tailored to your interests and ones that match the demographic of your group. Then our hosts explains how to play so folks can just jump in without having to pour over a boring rule book. If you have a game that is a must…we have you covered and can provide a complete listing ahead of time.  During your event the host plays music, answers questions as they arise, passes out supplies when needed and most of all makes sure people are having a great time.

Product Specifications

People Per Hour 30+
Power Requirement N/A
Set-up Time 1 Hour
Space Required Varies