Carnival & Picnic Games

Product Description

Ready, set, go…….it's an unpowered, unmanned miniature car race that delivers BIIIIG impact at any event. First, guest build their own car. They pick body style, hammer on wheels, add weights, add decals and decorate with paint makers to create that custom finished look.  Throughout the event our race announcer /emcee will gather car builders for a racing showdown.  We provide a 30ft custom made 4 lane track with digital timer to create an extremely authentic racing environment.  The big race guarantees to bring about lots of thrills and although we provide medals for fastest cars,  everyone is a winner given they get to take home their own homemade car.  This event is great for corporate family days, town events and children corporate holiday parties.

Product Specifications

People Per Hour 100+
Power Requirement 20 Amp Circuit
Set-up Time 1.5 Hours
Space Required 40' X 10'