Product Description

Bowling is a timeless American tradition that has enthused our culture for generations. 10 pin bowling is a sport that can be played from ages 2 to 92 and now with the genius of creativity, can be played AT your next event. Introducing... “The Lucky Pin”, a custom engineered mobile bowling alley that can be put anywhere at any time. Complete 60’ of regulation flooring, its own ball return track, rental shoes, real bowling balls and pins, digital scoring pad, and a bowling pin coffee table for added ambiance, The Lucky Pin guarantees to give your event the WOW factor you’re looking for. “The Lucky Pin” can be used as a one or multiple lane system, and yes, it’s real! The flooring is real bowling alley flooring. The balls? Real bowling alley 10 pin big balls. Location is the only thing that’s unreal! Hotel ball rooms, parking lots, cafeterias and gymnasiums. No matter the location, “The Lucky Pin” can be set up and taken down without damaging your venue! Get ready to lace up and bowl because your next event surely will be a strike!

Product Specifications

People Per Hour 30-45
Power Requirement 20 AMP
Set-up Time 1.5 Hours
Space Required 60’ X 20’