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Product Description

Spider Mountain is the next level of climbing structures for your event! Your guests will find themselves weaving through the interior webbing of this 24' structure! Upon completing this exciting challenge, climbers then have the option of taking a thrilling plummet down our 40' inflatable slide or climbing and squirming back down through the webbing. Climbing through Spider Mountain, comprised of rubber strands enclosed in a soft polyester fabric, is deceivingly challenging and fun for all ages. All exposed hard surfaces are enclosed in four inch padding and the entire attraction is netted. It has been voted "most fun and challenging attraction" on the exhibit floor at many different expositions. You can have up to 25 people inside the 24 foot tall apparatus at once. There is no harnessing and therefore can maintain a very high throughput!

Product Specifications

People Per Hour 50+
Power Requirement 20 AMP
Set-up Time 2 Hours
Space Required 48' x 24' x 24'