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Product Description

The Vr Roller Coaster experience is finally here!. Experience all the thrills, drops, twists and turns of a real coaster with our vr simulation technology. Patrons wear Oculus Go goggles that immerse them into 1 of 43 track selections for a 90 second ride of their life. Track selections include themes for holiday parties, Halloween affairs and even kid friendly selections. The coaster cars are equipped with base shaker seats and even a wind system for a true life like adventure. Spectators can watch the track experience on a viewing monitor and the dual car setup accommodates 4 patrons per ride for high throughput. Customization and national availability make this attraction a true SCREAM!

Product Specifications

People Per Hour 20-30
Power Requirement 20 Amp Circuit
Set-up Time 1 Hour
Space Required 12' x 12'