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Product Description

Our newest service, and the current "fun food" craze, is Rolled Ice Cream, which is also known as Thai Style Ice Cream.  This is a made-to-order dessert which is created by pouring a cream base onto a sub-zero temperature freezing plate. The extreme cold causes super fast freezing which produces a smooth, creamy texture unlike conventionally made ice cream. Each guest then chooses the toppings, which are chopped into the semi-frozen cream.  The concoction is then flattened and allowed to freeze completely on the plate. The grand finale is watching the rolling artist scrape it off the plate in sections that form graceful, delicate, and enticing rolls that are individually placed into a cup.  The finished treat is a masterpiece for the guests' eyes and taste buds to savor!

Product Specifications

People Per Hour 20-30
Power Requirement 20 Amp Circuit
Set-up Time 30 Minutes
Space Required 6' x 6'