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Product Description

We took our super popular Inflatable Axe Throw and turned it on its head with this new blacklight reactive design! If you've never thrown axes, it's similar to playing darts. Each player takes turns throwing axes (we include 6 red and 6 blue), and tries to score the most points. Ours is played to closely mimic the official World Axe Throwing Rules. You can either play with 2 players (each gets 5 throws), or with 4 players (each gets 3 throws). The axes are made of a durable foam, making them both safe and realistic. They look like and throw like real axes, and securely stick to the hook-and-loop target. Outside of the way the game is played, this unit lights up the night and is a perfect compliment to any glow themed event or our After Dark Park.

Product Specifications

People Per Hour 60
Power Requirement (2) 20 Amp Cicuits
Set-up Time 1 Hour
Space Required 18' X 21' X 11'